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Individual Health Plans In Frisco, TX

A+ Insurance Services understands the individual market! Unlike most group plans that provide an HR department to help with benefit decisions, you are on your own; so, we step in to make sure you get the extra help that you require and deserve to give you peace of mind.

We shop the competition and help you:
  1. Compare plans
  2. Find the most affordable plan with the coverage you need
  3. Explain your plan benefits
  4. Locate doctors and hospitals in network
  5. and recommend ancillary products, such as dental, vision or Aflac to fill the gaps
There’s nothing quite like having a health insurance expert in your corner to assist with comparing plans, answering questions, and explaining claims. From time to time issues with insurance carriers do arise, but when they do, A+ Insurance Services will handle these so you don’t have to.


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