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Life & Supplemental Health Plans In Frisco, TX


Ancillary Insurance For You And Your Family

About 1 out of 8 people seek medical attention for an injury, protect yourself and your family with plans that pay for expenses associated with injuries and critical illness.

Health insurance helps pay for your care, but supplemental plans can provide discounted service or pay you directly. Have the flexibility to pay for accidents, critical illness, hospitalizations, or to pay for expenses like medical plan deductibles, doctor bills, and living expenses.

With Aflac supplemental insurance, you can provide an additional level of financial protection for yourself and your family in the even of a serious accident or illness.
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospital Insurance
  • Short Term Disability

  • Telehealth - your 24/7 access to a doctor
  • Doctors Online - get specialists advice
  • Prescription Savings
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Family Heritage
Cancer Plan - pays benefits directly to policyholder to help manage financial necessities that arise during treatment.
Accident Plan - pays so that you can focus on what is most important

It pays to prepare early! For cancer or accident policies issued at age 55 or under, Family Heritage will refund your premium, less any claims paid, after 25 years, or on the policy anniversary date following your 65th birthday, whichever comes first.